Mina Capitano

Mina Capitano – OAFM Member

Acc. Fm, Cp Med.(OAFM), Speaks English & Italian

I am an Accredited (OAFM) Comprehensive family mediator helping families make good fair financial decisions on their future. I love helping families to take control of their own lives and not leave it up to the courts. I’m best at finding alternative long lasting solutions that leave everyone satisfied well always keeping in mind the children’s best interests. Originally a behavioural therapist, and marriage counsellor , I have helped hundreds of families in the past 33 years find sustainable solutions and peace of mind.

Practice Areas

Family Mediation, Comprehensive – All issues – Parenting, Support & Property

Office Address

170 Kingsview Dr, Bolton, ON L7E 3W8

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OAFM Accredited Mediator
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