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Parenting Plan Checklist

Living arrangements and parenting schedules:

1. Residential arrangements

Will the child live mainly in one residence or will the child move between two homes?

2. Geographical Considerations

Will the parents live within a certain distance of each other?

3. Movement of your child between homes

What are the details about drop-off and pick-up? Consider specifying times, days, location, and person responsible for pick-up and drop-off.

4. Moving Away

What if one parent proposes to move? What if one parent proposed to move with the child? How much notice should be given e.g. 30, 45, 60 days? How will notice be given e.g. e-mail, letter? Will consent of the other parent be required when the move of a child is proposed? How will parenting arrangements be affected?

5. Childcare and babysitting arrangements

6. Communication with child while with other parent

Will communication be through phone, e-mail, pictures, Skype?

7. Changes to the parenting schedule

Discuss circumstances that might require schedule changes: illness, lateness, social events, special occasions, unforeseen events. How will schedule changes be managed? How much notice of the change is required? Will there be make-up time?

8. Child’s belongings

Will belongings move between homes with your child? Will your child have two sets of some items? Who will purchase which items for your child?

9. Child’s social life

How will the child spend time with friends? Who will take the child to social events such as birthday parties and sleepovers? Who will buy gifts for the child to give?

Vacation, holidays, and special days

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